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Constitution Day simulation at Ames High

September 18, 2009

By David Bulla

Students at Ames High School found infringement of their civil rights unpalatable when a group of journalism students from Iowa State University conducted a mock town-hall meeting during three social studies classes on Constitution Day 2009. (more…)

Is it time to provide limits for violent content?

September 10, 2009

By Jeffery L. Blevins

Although broadcast stations and networks can be fined for airing fleeting expletives or brief nudity outside the safe harbor for so-called indecent programming, there is no such legal recourse for broadcasting graphic violence.  However, viewing televised violence is perceived to have a more harmful effect on children than fleeting expletives or brief nudity.  So, if objectionable sexual content and language can be lawfully channeled to times of the day when children are less likely to be the broadcast audience, why cannot the same be done for violent programming? (more…)