Recent free expression news

By David Bulla

Today, a few links on recent news items involving freedom of expression.

This link comes from Tyler Kingkade, a journalism major and SPJ officer at Iowa State. It is an assessment of freedom of speech (and press) on the Web from Clothilde Le Coz at PBS. Coz says China leads the world in Web censorship:

Le Coz

Columnist Nat Hentoff, a specialist on civil rights, has been laid off by the Village Voice. On a personal note, I asked Hentoff to come speak at First Amendment Day here at Iowa State six years ago. He was interested, but we could not afford the honorarium. Still, it was an honor just have him interested in our annual celebration of the First Amendment. I highly recommend his books on the First Amendment.

Here is his final regular column for the Voice:

Hentoff’s last column

Learned about this next one from John Bowen of Kent State. This comes from Lincolnshire, Ill., where the Stevenson High School adviser has quit over a censorship controversy. This story is from the Chicago Tribune:

School newspaper loses adviser

From Dennis Chamberlin, an ISU journalism professor, comes this story about the Chinese government monitoring cell phones for “unhealthy content”:

China to scan text messages

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