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Quote of the day, Dec. 1

November 30, 2012

Leo Tolstoy (1884)

“I know that my unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders.”


Quote of the day, Nov. 30

November 30, 2012

Ellen Goodman, on journalism

“In journalism, there has always been a tension between getting it first and getting it right.”

Quote of the day, Nov. 29

November 29, 2012

Zach Braff, on celebrity journalism (2006)

“I’ve been learning a lot about myself from reading about all the stuff I’ve been up to, not based on any form of truth. I lead a pretty boring life—I sit at home, I’m on the Internet, I eat cereal. That’s a typical night for me. (more…)

Irby, Klinkenberg highlight SCHJ Mid-Winter Meeting at Poynter Institute

November 28, 2012

By David W. Bulla

Kenneth Irby of the Poynter Institute and Jeff Klinkenburg of the Tampa Bay Times highlight the annual AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division Mid-Winter Meeting in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Jan. 4-5, 2013. (more…)

Quote of the day, Nov. 28

November 28, 2012

Quentin Reynolds, on atomic energy

“The scientists split the atom; now the atom is splitting us.”

Quote of the day, Nov. 27

November 27, 2012

Molly Ivins, on humor (1991)

“There are two kinds of humor. One kind that makes us chuckle about our foibles and our shared humanity—like what Garrison Keillor does.  (more…)

Quote of the day, Nov. 26

November 26, 2012

Walter Cronkite, speaking to the United Nations (1999)

“The first priority of humankind in this era is to establish an effective system of world law that will assure peace with justice among the peoples of the world.”

Quote of the day, Nov. 25

November 24, 2012

Robert Fisk, on war

“War is primarily not about victory or defeat but about death and the infliction of death. It represents the total failure of the human spirit.”


Quote of the day, Nov. 24

November 24, 2012

Roger Kahn, on the press

“Newspapers blew on dirty floors. Littering is an ancillary function of the free press.”


Quote of the day, Nov. 23

November 22, 2012

Ted Koppel, on journalism

‘This is an industry; it’s a business. We exist to make money. (more…)