Quote of the day, June 29

The Daily National Republican, Washington, D.C., on the Civil War (June 30, 1863)

“At eleven o’clock last night our city [Baltimore] was thrown into a great excitement by the sounding of the signal by the fire bells agreed upon by Gen. [Robert C.] Schenck, to call the Union League to arms for the defence of the barricades. The signal corps stationed on the different roads had fired rockets, announcing the approach of the rebel cavalry force on the Reistertown road. Through some parts of the city the cry ‘To Arms! To Arms!’ was sounded, and men with muskets in their hands were seen running to and fro, and rapidly assembling at the points of rendezvous.

“In half hour of time several thousands were in arms and the headquarters of Gen. Schenck was surrounded by bristling bayonets. All soon became quiet in the city, and considerable enthusiasm but no panic prevailed.

“Up to the time we go to press, however, no enemy had appeared, and the alarm is presumed to have been occasioned by the near approach of a company of rebel cavalry who were in the vicinity of the Pikesville arsenal.”

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