Quote of the day, June 30

New-York Daily Tribune, July 1, 1863

“Special Dispatch to the N.Y. Tribune. Washington, Tuesday, June 30, 1863. The army of Gen. Lee is thought, by those in position to possess themselves of the facts known to the Government, to be about 80,000 strong. The general opinion entertained here is that the movement into Pennsylvania is not the main objective of the Rebel campaign, but that it is designed, after ravaging the rich country of the Susquehannah, and seizing all things useful to the invaders, to strike at Baltimore and Washington. Of course, before doing this, it will be necessary to beat Gen. Meade’s army, which is believed to be fully a match for the enemy, and is hoped to be strong enough, not only to beat, but to annihilate the Rebel forces.”

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