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Quote of the day, March 29

March 29, 2014

Antonio Gramsci

“History is at once freedom and necessity.”

Quote of the day, March 28

March 29, 2014

Benito Mussolini (1928)

“Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.”

Quote of the day, March 27

March 27, 2014

I.F. Stone, on political reporting

“I sought in political reporting what [John] Galsworthy in another context had called ‘the significant trifle’—the bit of dialogue, the overlooked fact, the buried observation which illuminated the realities of the situation.”

Quote of the day, March 26

March 26, 2014

Nelson Rodrigues, on writing

“The keyhole is my lens as a writer.”

Quote of the day, March 25

March 25, 2014

Robert Quillen, on discourse (1932)

“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance.”

Quote of the day, March 24

March 24, 2014

Orhan Pamuk, on writing (2006)

“The question we writers are asked most often, the favorite question, is: Why do you write? (more…)

Quote of the day, March 23

March 24, 2014

Joyce Carol Oates, on writing about food (1986)

“When poets—write about food it is usually celebratory. Food as the thing-in-itself, but also the thoughtful preparation of meals, the serving of meals, meals communally shared: a sense of the sacred in the profane.”

Quote of the day, March 22

March 22, 2014

Joseph Campbell, on communication (1968)

“The best things cannot be told, the second best are misunderstood. (more…)

J-Day, TEDxYOUTH at ACS on March 22

March 21, 2014
Russell Williams is one of the featured presenters at J-Day. (Photo by David W. Bulla)

Russell Williams is one of the featured presenters at J-Day. (Photo by David W. Bulla)

ABU DHABI—The American Community School of Abu Dhabi will host two events on Saturday, March 22: A TEDxYouth session in the afternoon and Journalism Day in the morning.

The TEDxYouth talk session, which will begin at 3 p.m., features the work of two ACS students, Dina Shriem and Dennis Hilgendorf. Shriem and Hilgendorf are  members of a program called Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). It is a core component of the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at ACS.

The idea for a TEDxYouth day of talks came up during the second semester of Grade 11, when clips from TEDTalks videos were screened and discussed in English Higher Level and Theory of Knowledge classes.

“TED has been a source of learning throughout my high school career,” Shriem said. “It’s been an alternative way for me to understand concepts in our subjects beyond the classroom. I can’t wait for what TEDxYouthACS is going to bring to our community, and I hope it will be a legacy for many years.” (more…)

Quote of the day, March 21

March 21, 2014

Robert Fisk, on journalists

“It’s a journalist’s job to be a witness to history. (more…)