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Quote of the day, May 31

May 31, 2015

Arab proverb

“Don’t say it’s wheat until you harvest it.”

Quote of the day, May 30

May 30, 2015

Ernest Flagg, on art (1922)

“The best art, and the only art which will ever lead to great results, must have for its basis the interpretation of beauty in nature.”

Quote of the day, May 29

May 30, 2015

Elisha Gray, on science (1900)

“The world is now rapidly advancing in light, in knowledge, in power to use the infinite gifts that the Creator has hidden in nature; but hidden only to stimulate and reward our seeking. Every man can help in this grand progress—if not by research and positive thought-power, at least by grateful acceptance and realization of what is gained. Look forward!”

Quote of the day, May 28

May 28, 2015

Lyndon B. Johnson, on government (1965)

“The essence of our American tradition of State and local governments is the belief expressed by Thomas Jefferson that government is best which is closest to the people. (more…)

Quote of the day, May 27

May 27, 2015

U Thant, on peace (1968)

“Wars begin in the minds of men, and in those minds, love and compassion would have built the defences of peace.”

Quote of the day, May 26

May 26, 2015

Charles Sanders Peirce, on signs

“The entire universe is perfused with signs, if it is not composed exclusively of signs.”


Quote of the day, May 25

May 25, 2015

James Nachtwey, on photography (2001)

“The worst thing is to feel that as a photographer I’m benefiting from someone else’s tragedy. This idea haunts me. It’s something I have to reckon with every day, because I know that if I ever allow genuine compassion to be overtaken by personal ambition, I will have sold my soul. The only way I can justify my role is to have respect for the other person’s predicament. The extent to which I do that is the extent to which I become accepted by the other and to that extent I can accept myself.”

Quote of the day, May 24

May 24, 2015

Theodore Roosevelt, on wisdom (1917)

“Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.”

Quote of the day, May 23

May 23, 2015

Samuel Butler, from The Note-Books (1902)

“Is life worth living? This is a question for an embryo, not a man.”

Quote of the day, May 22

May 22, 2015

Virgil, from The Aeneid

“Audaces fortuna iuvat.” (“Fortune favours the bold.”)