Quote of the day, March 8

Charles Proteus Steinmetz, on knowledge

“We don’t know the why of anything. On that matter we are no further advanced than was the cavedweller. The scientist is contented if he can contribute something toward the knowledge of what is and how it is.”



One Response to “Quote of the day, March 8”

  1. kaptonok Says:

    The earliest queston of the young is why not how.
    My children drove us to distraction asking why.
    If no one had asked why we would still be living in caves and thay may well have been good for the environment.
    I’ve yet to meet a contented man let alone a scientist.
    Religious people stop the buck with God but it won’t do for the more inquisitive .
    I’m all for halting inquiry and starting world wide application but I’m squashed by drugged inqirers who just can’t forgo the life long habit.

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