Quote of the day, July 23

W.J. Cash, from The Mind of the South

“Eventually, of course, must come change. Perhaps, indeed, the beginning of it is already at hand. For, undeniably, there is a stir, a rustling upon the land, a vague, formless, intangible thing which may or may not be the adumbration of coming upheaval. Tomorrow—the day after—eventually— the cotton-mill peon will acquire the labor outlook and explosion will follow. In the long run the mind of the South will be remade. Will that bring on the millennium which the prophets profess to see as already in the offing? Will Atlanta become another Periclean Athens, Richmond a new Augustan Rome? I don’t know, certainly, but I glance at the cotton-mill barons, the only product of readjustment yet in evidence, and take the liberty of doubting it. I suspect that the South will merely repeat the dismal history of Yankeedom, that we shall have the hog apotheosized—and nothing else. I suspect that we shall merely exchange the Confederate for that dreadful fellow, the go-getter, Colonel Carter for Mr. Lowell Schmaltz, the Hon. John LaFarge Beauregard for George F. Babbitt. I suspect, in other words, that the last case will be infinitely worse than the first.”


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