Quote of the day, Jan. 21

Ian Bremmer, on the critique of globalism (2017)

“I think the answer starts with acknowledging two things: first, that there isn’t a single, silver bullet that can magically be deployed to rid us of all of globalization’s grievances. We need to think about this issue holistically. Second, we can’t think about the “solution” to the complaints against globalization solely from a top-down, technocratic perspective. Sure, leaders could do a better job at a political level, but a big part of the answer has to come from the way we all act as citizens on a daily basis. For one thing, we’ve all got to be far more empathetic than we’ve so far been with those who’ve suffered at the losing end of the globalization supercycle. Despite all his rhetoric, that’s the one thing [Doanld] Trump did brilliantly and correctly. So it starts with respect at a humane level, and that’s something that’s got very little to do with elite policy-making.”


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