Quote of the day, Sept. 12

Mary Madsen, on freedom of the press (2017)

“So why is this important? We can’t all be aware of what is going on at all times in every part of the country. It is up the press, and now the internet, to provide larger numbers of people with more information. The press give us information about things from major events in government policy to the actions of celebrities. This information is generally honest and true, maybe biased depending on the source or incomplete depending on the time.

“But the important fact is that it allows us to make opinions about our nation and our government without the interference of said government. Journalists can uncover scandals and point out falsities from politicians without fear. We need this for our democracy to work, otherwise political figures and members of the government would be able to do things without our knowledge, lie to us about what is happening and prevent us from making informed opinions and decisions.”



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