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Quote of the day, Dec. 1

December 1, 2015

A.J.P. Taylor, from The Trouble Makers: Dissent over Foreign Policy, 1792-1939 (1957)

“Every historian loves the past or should do. If not, he has mistaken his vocation; but it is a short step from loving the past to regretting that it has ever changed. Conservatism is our greatest trade-risk; and we run psychoanalysts close in the belief that the only ‘normal’ people are those who cause no trouble either to themselves or anybody else.”

Quote of the day, Oct. 30

October 30, 2014

A.J.P. Taylor, on history

“He was what I often think is a dangerous thing for a statesman to be – a student of history; and like most of those who study history, he learned from the mistakes of the past how to make new ones.”