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Quote of the day, July 8

July 9, 2017

Fred Chappell, on reading

“Perhaps I had missed a great deal, reading so continually and seeing the world through the windowpanes of books. But then, maybe not. If books had made up a large part of the experience of my youth, it only meant that what I’d missed in immediacy of experience, I’d gained in variety, looking so widely into the thought…s and dreams of others, of travelers and sages, of soldiers and scholars and all the mighty dead.”


Quote of the day, July 9

July 9, 2016

Fred Chappell, from Dagon

“In an almost totally insentient cosmos only human feeling is interesting or relevant to what the soul searches for…suffering is the most expensive of human emotions, but it is the most intense and precious of them, because suffering most efficiently humanizes the unfeeling universe.”

Quote of the day, Dec. 11

December 11, 2014

Fred Chappell, “I Suppose War is Okay” (2004)

for those who like that sort of thing

not my cup of Earl Grey but
I can see sometimes
it might be quite exciting
a chance to blow off steam and sell
lots of stuff
you ordinarily couldn’t give away …