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Quote of the day, Dec. 1

November 30, 2016

John F. Kennedy, on history (1963)

“There is an old saying that things don’t happen, they are made to happen. And we in our years have to make the same wise judgments about what policies will ensure us a growing prosperity as were made in the years before. The whole experience between two world wars, which were so tragic for this country, should tell us that we cannot leave it to mere chance and accident. It requires the long range judgment of all of us, the public judgment, not only the pursuit of our private interests but the public judgment of what it takes to keep 180 million people gradually rising. And anyone who thinks it can be done by accident and chance should look back on the history of 1919 to 1939 to know what can happen when we let natural forces operate completely freely.”

Quote of the day, Aug. 1

August 1, 2012

James Russell Lowell, on scholarship

“True scholarship consists in knowing not what things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory but judgment.”