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Quote of the day, Sept. 17

September 17, 2017

Hippocrates, on knowledge

“There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.”

Quote of the day, July 30

July 30, 2017

Michel de Montaigne, from Essays

“Every other knowledge is harmful to him who does not have knowledge of goodness.”

Quote of the day, March 15

March 15, 2017

Igor Stravinsky, on composing

“I have learned throughout my life as a composer chiefly through my mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions, not by my exposure to founts of wisdom and knowledge.”

Quote of the day, Jan. 14

January 14, 2017

Jared Diamond, from Guns, Germs, and Steel (2005)

“Knowledge brings power. Hence writing brings power to modern societies, by making it possible to transmit knowledge with far greater accuracy and in far greater quantity and detail, from more distant lands and more remote times.”

Quote of the day, Dec. 23

December 23, 2016

Thomas Carlyle, from Sartor Resartus

“That there should one Man die ignorant who had capacity for Knowledge, this I call a tragedy.”

Quote of the day, Jan. 20

January 20, 2016

Carl Friedrich Gauss, on learning (1808)

“It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.”

Quote of the day, Oct. 26

October 26, 2013

Lao Tzu, on wisdom

“To attain knowledge, add things every day.
To attain wisdom, remove things every day.”

Quote of the day, July 23

July 23, 2013

Juvenal, on knowledge

“All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.”

Quote of the day, May 24

May 24, 2013

Confucius, on knowledge

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

Quote of the day, July 12

July 12, 2012

Tunis Wortman, on freedom of speech and inquiry (1800)

“To promote the improvement of Society it is essential that Mind should be free. (more…)