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Quote of the day, Oct. 7

October 7, 2017

Edmund Burke, on the mind (1775)

“The march of the human mind is slow.”

Quote of the day, Aug. 20

August 20, 2017

James Baldwin, on education

“It is very nearly impossible to become an educated person in a country so distrustful of the independent mind.”

Quote of the day, July 19

July 19, 2017

John Milton, on the mind

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

Quote of the day, Feb. 4

February 4, 2017

George S. Patton, on mind and body

“An active mind cannot exists in an inactive body.”

Quote of the day, June 29

June 29, 2015

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, on censorship

“If decade after decade the truth cannot be told, each person’s mind begins to roam irretrievably. One’s fellow countrymen become harder to understand than Martians.”

Quote of the day, May 31

May 31, 2013

Plutarch, on education

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

Quote of the day, July 12

July 12, 2012

Tunis Wortman, on freedom of speech and inquiry (1800)

“To promote the improvement of Society it is essential that Mind should be free. (more…)

Quote of the day, May 16

May 15, 2012

Ernest Hemingway, on the life of the mind

“Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.”